New Website design


This is in order of priority

Status Who Description
working BB We need updated icons for the icons used on the site.
working PW We need a set of good/suitable pictures for the front page all being processed/edited as necessary. These can be uploaded to a Showcase on the website like the past history collection. I have created a Showcase "FrontPage" for these.
working TB The website theme needs changing to support the new style.
working TB Software code changes to support this, the front page needs specific software coding changes.
working TP We need people to go through the web pages and clear up the old formatting in many of them (need to be mainly raw text without tables and graphics so the sites theme provides this).
  ? We need people to go through the web pages and correct incorrect info.
  ? Ideally we need some nice/pretty articles for the website: (A tandem club event, A tandem club ride, How to get into tandeming (linked from forsale) etc.).
  ? If we want a "narrative on all photos", someone would have to do this (not all as there are 1000's of them!).
  ? Ideally need VI user to go through website and list issues/improvements.
  ? We need someone to manage the websites content, getting RO's and members to add things, making sure information is up to date, adding content every now and then.
  ? We need someone to add all of the TC's GPX rides to the systems rides database




Current Look

Highish resolution display: 1920x1200:


The following shows the basic design plan. The actual design will differ based on what is reasonably possible in a WEB based envronment and with our resources.

Large Screens

Medium Screens