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Malcolm Gammon2020-05-23 09:40:55

Hi there,  This is a long shot but does anyone recognise this bike frame. I bought it about 25 years ago and it had no badge on at that time. It looks to me that its probably a late 70,s or 80,s racing frame. Having susequently replaced it with modern bikes it has remained unriddenm for many years and I now need to decide what to do with it. My heart says get it rechromed/resprayed at Argos Cycles but my head says "take it to the tip" Ha Ha. Any ideas will be much appreciated.  Malcolm

Malcolm Gammon2020-05-23 09:52:42

Another pic

Malcolm Gammon2020-05-23 09:55:46

and another one....

Malcolm Gammon2020-05-23 09:56:58

last one....

Brian Stephen Reid2020-05-23 09:57:49

Try 'Mystery bikes & frames' facebook group

Kevin Kidney2020-05-23 10:31:50

why is this on here? its not a tandem!

Malcolm Gammon2020-05-23 11:39:54

Thanks Brian will take a look there. It has 700 wheels with Shimano hubs and Mavic rims. Modolo brakes, Cenelli bars and Campag record rear changer but not sure that all this was originally on the frame. The frame number is 3109.

Hi Kevin, Thanks for the valid question. Having been a member for many years I know how much expertise and knowledge there is within the club so was hoping someone might be able to help. I guess in the same way as we dont ban solos on TC rides and rallies then members would understand why I had posted this here. I have always found the members keen to help whenever they can.