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Rohloff maintainance

Paul Cooper2020-04-19 16:35:44

I have a second hand tandem with a Rohloff hub.

Gear changing sometimes seems a little "sticky".

Any advice please on how to maintain the hub. I can't find much on the Rohloff website.


2020-04-19 16:50:52

To be done once a year or every 5000 miles, you will find loads of tuition about how to do it on you tube.

Very easy, youjust need to buy the kit to do it with.

2020-04-19 17:11:36

Assuming that the cables are in reasonable condition, stickiness can be caused by the cable routing and the twist shift. Try to reduce the bend radius of the cables at the hub (improved mine considerably) and ensure that the twist shift is lubricated.

Roger Moore2020-04-19 18:33:33

You will need to change the oil each year. A kit can be bought from SJS cycles in bridgwater. This has a syringe, flushing oil and replacement oil and a new filler plug. The cable should be fine as they are not under tension. Take them apart and lubricate and check the cable routing as previous comment. SJS have replacement inners and outers if there is any damage. 

2020-04-19 18:50:48

As much as SJS is a very good bicycle part supplier, it is a tad expensive, no free postage, you can get better deals on line for the fluids 


Matthew Hodges2020-04-19 22:16:14

Although the Rohloff will change under load it can be difficult under high load. Ensure both you and your stoker ease off while changing. I am currently finding this with a recumbent trike with a Steps electric assist. I have to ease off long enough for the steps motor to drop its power before changing. 

You say it is sticky. Could this be the cables? If they have been lubricated the lining can swell making them tight. Also the lining can sometimes get moved into the twist shifter. Unlikely but i have seen it. If it is the external gear mech it may have been wired incorrectly. It is quite difficult. See pages 80 to 83 of the online English Manual.

If it is the version with the internal gear mech and snap connectors on the cables then the hub cable could be faulty and need replacing. I have only had to do this once. Again see the online manual. Pg 97ff . Download the manual and save it as pdf. It is a pig to use online. https://www.rohloff.de/fileadmin/user_upload/manual_En_2017_11_update_2.pdf

Alan MacDonald2020-04-19 23:16:56

There are only a few tandem specialists in the UK. SJS are particularly strong on customer service and in the end you get what you pay for. I've always found them to be excellent in their deliveries and we really should support them if we possibly can. Internet may be cheaper, but it would be a great shame to lose a company like SJS.

Best wishes tandem riders and stay safe. 

Charles Kendall2020-04-21 12:15:23

We have been riding our PedalPower tandem with a Rohloff hub for 10 years now. Still feels as good as the first day, but we have never been able to shift under power. I have always had to shout "gear" at the stoker and take power off for a fraction of a second. If I do not lift the power then sometimes the Rohloff mechanism gets stuck mid-shift - but its easily fixed by lifting power and shifting cleanly.

I change the oil once per year and clean the outside of the hub a couple of times per year.