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do 25 inch tandem rated wheels exist ?

dave s2020-03-23 18:38:25

do 25 inch wheels rated for tandems exist and what makes a wheel stronger is it the amount of spokes ? and are there 25 inch wheels strong enough for a triplet ?

Chris Peachey2020-03-23 19:08:44

Schwalbe & Continental do not list ANY 25" tyres. Better to search with the ETRO size...ie 507 (24") 551 (26") etc

The strength of a wheel is largely down to the quality of the wheelbuilding as well as the components. Availability of suitable rims and hubs will decide how many spokes you can fit. 40 and 48 hole rims are probably only available from specialist tandem dealers. Rear tandem hubs are oversize to reduce dishing when fitted with a cassette.

Do you already have a tandem with 25" wheels or are you looking at one on offer? (E-Bay etc).

You need to start by checking exactly what wheel size it is. We can then advise you better.


TC Technical advisor



dave s2020-03-23 19:31:39

no i was actually looking for 25 inch tyres to put on a triplet but am not sure that can be done since it was made for  26 wheels

David Ebling2020-03-23 20:15:06

Is it different size tyres you're looking for rather than different size wheels? You can get a variety of tyre sizes for 26" rims/wheels. Perhaps you're thinking of 25c (25mm wide) tyres as used on many road bike? These are for larger 700c rims/wheels and won't fit your wheels.

You can fit narrower tyres to your 26" wheels (e.g. 26x1.0" or 26x1.25") but you might not want to - narrow tyres require higher pressures and for a triplet you would probably need to pump them up beyond what they are rated for which wouldn't be terribly safe.

the geometry of the triplet will also be slightly different with thinner tyres - pedal strikes are more likely as the whole bike will be sloghtly lower but not sure how much of an issue that is on a triplet.

Narrow tyres roll a bit faster but are also a bit more uncomfortable.

Stephen Dee2020-03-23 20:27:05

If you use mountain bike 26 inch rims, ie 559mm with 1.5 inch tyres, the overall wheel diameter is 25 inches.

If the bike is equiped with rim brakes, check the diameter/radius of the brake caliper.  Check against ETRO rim sizes.  

dave s2020-03-23 21:38:11

thanks i will lokk into that