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got my first triple a thorn trident

dave s2020-03-21 13:19:11

hi i got my first triple and have a couple of questions 

1. the bike is really tall and my feet can reach the ground but only the tips of my toes can i still balance it enough to take off ?

2. i heard that doing a sharp turn can trough the back person off is this true ? 

thank you for answering the questions.

Terry Barnaby2020-03-21 16:56:41

We've had a couple of triplets a Me 'n' U2 and a Thorn Trident. They both have been superb with my two girls from 7-22 years.

1. Can you just touch the ground while sitting on the saddle or when astride the crossbar ? Ideally your feet should be close to flat when sitting on the saddle, the peddle is at the bottom of the stroke and you knee slightly bent. Its more important for your knees to be in a good position when pulling all that weight up a hill !

2. We never had issues with turning even tightly, well as tight as you can do with a long triplet!. Just see the triplet people at the Tandem club games to see what can be done. The weight of them and the wide lyres makes them very stable at speed as well. Navigating in and out of tight spaces is an acquired knack.

Certainly we have found them great. The Me 'n' U2 especially as it is relatively short and light compared with the Trident. We could happily keep up with our local groups TC rides and national/international events and the triplet racing was good :)

Martyn Aldis2020-03-21 18:42:19

Don't think trying to balance a static tandem or triplet while sitting on the saddle is a good idea. It is important for the static stability and stoker confidence to keep the bike upright. The kind of lean. half slide off the saddle which you can do on a solo is a no go. Some tandem crews start by both standing over the frame then getting up as one by both standing on a pedal at the same time but we use the other system of the stoker getting fully mounted both feet in place while the captain balances the bike at rest, then pushes down on a pedal and lifts to the saddle as the bike starts to move. You need to stand over the frame ahead of the saddle with feet firmly planted and far enought apart for the pedals to be rotated by the stokers. There are lots of full length articles about tandem starting technique to be found with Google.

We didn't rediscover cycling until our son had grown up so no triplet for us but I'm sure it is a stylish and practical vehicle.


dave s2020-03-21 23:03:32

thank you for your replies i will give it a go again tommorow 

Paul Read2020-03-23 19:52:41

Any triples for sale? I'm looking for one to suit two small adults and one youngster

dave s2020-03-23 20:01:44

i though i saw a bushnell triplet 19 17 15 frame on here a few days ago but i cant find the post.