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Is Pedalpowers Base triplet model a good choice ?

dave s2020-03-06 23:11:33

is pedalpowers triplet a good choice namely the base triplet model from 2900 euros ? what is the build quality like ? if anyone has one please leave comments about it below.

Kevin Kidney2020-03-08 10:59:30

No experience with that one but I have a Thorn Trident triplet which is a good machine.

dave s2020-03-08 12:44:58

How much did your Thorn Trident cost ?

Kevin Kidney2020-03-08 15:19:10

I think it was £1200 on ebay a few years years ago. Second hand but it has obviously hardly been used. They come up on ebay and tandem club for sale board from time to time. Or new here http://www.sjscycles.com/thornpdf/ThornTridentBroHiRes.pdf 


I think its a good thing to buy second hand as they rarely to many miles. Ive modified mine with drop handlebars and cantilever brakes.

dave s2020-03-08 23:31:05

thats  a pretty cool triple is it possible for them to paint it in canary yellow or only black or red ? those are the only options i see on the form.

Kevin Kidney2020-03-09 16:18:50

You need to speak to sjsc about that. https://www.sjscycles.co.uk/contact/

Charles Kendall2020-03-13 15:54:11

We have had a Pedalpower Classic steel tandem for 10 years and the quality is excellent. The bikes are all hand built in Berlin. The only thing that ever broke was a DS Swiss rim, but its has done thousands of KM over rough German cycle tracks off-tarmac. 

dave s2020-03-13 17:00:46

thanks for your reply Charles