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Rear Wheel 48 or 40 holes

Daniel Lim2019-05-26 21:22:35

Rear Wheel to a 10 years old Dawes Galaxy, 48 holes with disc now in workshop. If I need to change a new wheel, which I hope I don´t need to.

Is there a lot of difference between 40 holes and 48 holes?  Beside that how could we get club members discount from our U.K online shopping?

Philip Ingram2019-06-03 18:02:30

Depends on how heavy you are, whether you go loaded or not. For a light team with day rides 40 may be OK. We do loaded, off road touring and definitely need 48.

John Saunders2019-06-03 19:20:33

This is slightly unnerving me ..... I have tandem wheels with only six spokes in each

John Saunders2019-06-04 10:43:40

Sorry for the typo in the previous entry there are SIXTEEN spokes not SIX !! still quite small number for a Tandem

Daniel Lim2019-06-04 11:39:30

Thanks for good advises


Barry Wilson2019-06-17 16:36:25

Hi John, 16 eh?  Shimano did a tandem wheel with only 16 spokes. I think they were called Sweet Sixteen. It was very racey and quite fragile. 


David frost2020-05-24 12:58:34

Rear wheel needed for this old Peugeot so I can start to repair it.  Does anyone have any suggestions what I can do/where I can find the parts? Thanks  

David frost2020-05-24 13:03:01

27 inch rear wheel

Chris Beeching2020-05-24 16:01:27

We run 48s on the Swallow, but 36s on both the USWBs. All-up-weight and quality of the wheel builder are key factors, and riding style can't be underestimated either.