Payments Module


The Payments module is designed to handle online payments. It keeps a record of all payments made whether by card, bacs , cheque or cash. It allows payments to be marked as paid and completed. For card payments the marking of paid is automatic. It also allows refunds to be logged.


Only users with the "adminPayments" role can access the payments system for administartion. Once logged in it can be accesed from the "Admin" entry in the top page menu. This presents a screen showing a list of the payments.
The left hand Payments menu provides functions to list and to manually make a payment.
The "Select" area allows a selection of the the database to be viewed. Once selection parameters are setup click on the "Update" button to show the matching entries. Note that the checkboxes are "tristate". When shown as a bar or block it indicates a "don't care" value for the selection of entries.
In the list of entries there are "V" - view, "E" - edit and "D" -delete buttons available for each entry. Only users with "adminDelete" role can delete entries.
The total amount of the payments in the  selected entry list is shown at the bottom.

Database Fields

The database fields are:
The payment id
A payment description
The type of payment.
Indicates this is a refund entry
The source of the payment. Normally the websites module
A reference for the transaction. This normally is set by the website module making the payment.
The currency. Pounds or Euros.
The amount of payment
The full name of the person paying
The Address of the person paying
The Postcode of the person paying
The Email of the person paying
The Telephone of the person paying
The staus of the transaction: added, cancelled, declined, paid, error
The transaction ID for card sales
The amount has been paid
The transaction has been completed (events updated etc, no further work necessary)

Normal Admin

Every now and then the payments administration user (Treasurer ?) should go through the payments checking for errors etc. Payments that have been made and dealt with should have their paid, completed and status fields set as applicable. The "E" button can be used to edit the entry. For card payments the status and paid fields are automatically updated. The complete field is there for administrators to indicate that all payment actions have been completed (perhaps these can be automated later for example when shop items have been sent ?).


Normally a user would make a payment from one of the other website modules such as the events or membership modules. However administartors can make a manual online payment (or refund) can be added using the "Make a payment" link on the left hand side of the payments page.
When making a manual payment some of the information will come from the users site login data. This includes the name, email, address, postcode etc.
When paying for an event this information comes from the event booking form info.
When paying by Nochex this information can be edited at the payments stage if needed (different person acually paying).