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A couple of plonkers

Posted By: pauline eden
Date: 3 January 2008

Yes thats what Pauline and I felt like on Sunday evening having to be rescued for only the second time in 36years of tandem riding.

The first time was about twelve years ago when the back tyre blew leaving a 8inch slit around it.This was before everyone had mobiles so we walked a mile to find a phone box and luckily our son was at home to drive my car and was with us in half an hour.Since then we have carried a folding spare tyre which has been used on a couple of occasions.

Sundays event follow our usual weekend trip to see Paulines 87year old mother in Grantham,a round trip of about 55miles.On the return trip we had just rode up the 1mile long drag to Belvoir Castle when I felt the back end moving about and realised we had punctured.I mention on here some months ago that I was now trying out some different tyres on the tandem,namely Conti 28mm Duraskins which are almost a slick tread.This was the first puncture since fitted in May last year.

It was dusk when we stopped but thought we soon be fixed,wrong;opened the tool roll,where,s the allen keys to undo the Hope hub fittings.Never mind I can find the puncture and just lever that part of the tyre off the rim and stick a patch on,so we turned the machine upside down and staring staight at me was the offending piece of grit bin the tyre.Then levered off tyre and pulled out some of the tube,out with the patched and solution."Oh no" the solutions dried up(like me replies Pauline).

Nothing for it then its almost dark,"Pauline ring one of our sons see who can nip and fetch us,only twelve miles from home".Shes now rummaging in her bag,why do women carry so much rubbish ?."Ive not got my phone swopped bags last night to go to neighbours party use yours"."I dont bother carrying mine when where out together" was the reply she expected.

Now what? were getting cold donning spare jerseys.Right theres a cottage opposite so I walk up the path and knock on the door."Have you got any allen keys" I ask the gent.He said he had and I was hopeful when he wheeled out this big tool box but alas every tool you can imagine except a bunch of allen keys.He tried the shed with a gloworm torch,but it was like the Black Hole of Calcutta.

He lent me his mobile to ring home,my son spends all Sunday afternoon on the settee recovering from scrumming in his Saturday rugby match he,s bound to be there,no reply.How do you ring someones mobile when you havent got yours for the number?

Looked in wallet found Paulines sisters home number and rang.Hurray, returned to Pauline shivering in the dark.Her brother in law was there in half an hour with his people carrier and we were soon home in the warm.

Check tyre when repairing next morning only two other small cuts in the tread besides the one that the flint had pierced,hard to tell how much wear when theres no tread to start with.

Must get some glueless(should that be clueless) patches for emergencies,never used them,are they any good?

Happy puncture less New Year

P & P

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