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Tyre Choice

Posted By: Jim Crosskell
Date: 19 June 2007

Presumably you don't put the name of the other half in the answer box in response to the new log in?
In response to Chris's request for more "techie" stuff on the message board (TCJ June/July arrived this a.m.)....
Are Schwalbe Marathons as good as they are cracked up to be and worth the cash?
We have a Conti Top Touring 2000 700x32 on t'front with a tractor tyre bought from a Lerwick Garage on the back. The rear Conti exploding whilst on Yell a couple of years back, covering the panniers with the slime that should have been inside the tube!
Our stopgap to get to Lerwick was a Specialised Touring X folding tyre which has seen emergency service for 16 years.
Prior to the Conti's we ran Panaracer Pasela's and only changed to Conti's when we couldn't get them locally. We have just sourced a pair of Paselas to replace the current rubber as and when required, but at a cost of between 14.00 and 18.00 a chuck are we all wasting money on what is really a fairly basic bit of kit?
The rear unbranded "Tractor Tyre" for 9.00 rides as well as the conti's although, if memory serves, not as twitchy (in a nice sporty way)as the Pasela. But there again the Pasela runs at over 110psi and the tractor as no more than 100, as it's sidewall says "inflate to 60~75psi".
Way back in the mists of time we always used Specialised Touring X's and then made the retrograde step of "Beltguard" which we managed to detread in less than 1000miles and that daft red plastic stuff you wrapped round the iside of the tyre that chaffed and cut the inner tube.
So after all that.... Is any tyre that is pumped up really hard, on a decent rim, not superheated from rim braking, as good as any other? If so what are we paying upto 10 extra a go for?
We now need five replacements as we have recently entered into the mysterious world of tandem trikes! (remember the "never mix radial and crossply on the same axle" public information films)
Backwinds forever.....

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