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Re: Tandem stoker boredom

Posted By: Rudy/Kay
Date: 24 January 2006

Howdy from the Colonies!
Stoker bored?!
My stoker, Kay, has covered over 200,000 with me on tandems in 31 years. Been married 51 years. Bored? Why?
You can view the scenery (left or right)as you don't have to pay attention to gear selection, braking etc. You can grab a banana or food bar out of pilot's jersey pocket, peel 'nana or undo wrapper on energy bar, and hand pilot/steersman his half then stuffing the 'nana peel or wrapper back in his pocket.
Want to excite the pilot? Pull the rear of his riding shorts down and hook them over his saddle (now that should start something). You can be the navigator and read the map whilst pedaling or if you have a route sheet, pin it to the back of his jersey with safety pins, or the top of his jersey pockets with alligator (or dare we say roach pins?) clips . . . that'll occupy you a bit.
Discussions . . . what would you likefor dinner dear? Say do you remember . . . Know any good songs to sing? Count the rabbits or different kind of birds. Unusual cloud formations? Check the flowers in the gardens as you pedal through a village. Stop at the local pub to rest the butt and have a
Killeans. Or do you do coffee/tea/ice cream stops? Chat with the other riders.
Tell pilot how bad/good he is and what you'll reward him with if . . .
Concentrate on the amount of effort you are putting in your pedaling. How many rpm? Say did he put in a cycle computer for you? Got an i-pod or CD player/radio you can unobtrusively listen to if you run out of things to talk about? Appreciate being TWOgether!
Need we say more?

Pedal on TWOgether!
Rudy and Kay/zonatandem/USA

: Tom,

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: challenge! Contact your Regional Officer via "Who We Are"
: Section of this website.

: Graham.

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