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Tandems and trailers on trains in Denmark *LINK*

Posted By: David Holman
Date: 14 July 2005

I've had some further enquiries about crossing to Sjaelland from Fyn after the rally with a tandem. A fresh look at up to date information is in order.

When the bridge first opened in 1998 there was a bus and cycle trailer service. It ran from Nyborg on Fyn to Korsør on Sjaelland. This replaced the train ferry's bike carrying service and also carried motor scooters. Being Danes they had a competition to design there own bike trailer rather than buy one in e.g. Britain. Desmond Crabtree, who's coming to Tommerup told me about it. This service closed down in 2002.
The only information I can find is on the national railway / Dansk Statsbaner website.

If you are a Danish student also you can click on Søg and enter Særlige cykler. [Cut and Paste]
This tells you about carriage terms for tandems, trailers, folding trailers and special needs trikes. Here's my translation after each passage of Danish which you might need to wave at a DSB official.

Tandems on Trains.

I Regionaltoget, Øresundstoget og de InterCity/InterCity Lyn, der består af IR4 togsæt, har du mulighed for at tage en tandemcykel med. Du kan også få en tandem med i S-toget (inkl. Helsingør-Hillerød), hvis du har et legitimationskort fra Dansk Blindesamfund/Synscenter Refnæs eller Invalideorganisationernes Brugerservice. Det er altid togpersonalet, der vurderer, om der er plads til cyklen i toget.

For tandemcykler betales 2 gange den pris, du skulle have givet for en almindelig cykel.

On Re Regional trains, those crossing the Øresund to Sweden and InterCity/InterCity Lyn that consist of the latest IR4 rolling stock there is a possibility to carry ONE tandem. If you're registered blind with authorisation from the Danish blind institute you can take a tandem on the S-Tog surburban trains in greater Copenhagen. A tandem costs two cycle tickets. The guard's decision is final. [Øresund trains are fabulous for being able to carry anything with easy loading. Get on when one has just arrived to ensure a space free of knackered ex-airline passengers and their suitcases]

Sammenklappede cykelanhængere

Af pladshensyn er det ikke muligt at tage cykelanhængere med i toget. Men du kan tage en sammenklappet cykelanhænger med som håndbagage, hvis hjulene er taget af, og det samlede mål ikke overstiger målene for håndbagage.

Self folding cycle trailers
It's not possible to take cycle trailers into the train. [ I presume this is fixed frame variety. BOB YAK's are unknown in Denmark. I think you'd mannage with ingenuity]
However trailers that fold down to the dimensions of permissible handluggage and can remove their wheels are allowed. [ We've folded a Burley d'Lite flat and taken off the wheels, slotting the whole lot between our solo bikes on a IC-3 train. The guard nodded. There's a play area on IC-3 trains]

Specialcykler og cykelanhængere over Storebælt

Specialcykler, som højst fylder 80 cm i bredden og 190 cm i længden, kan komme med over Storebælt i InterCity, der består af IR4 togsæt, på strækningen mellem Korsør og Nyborg. I køreplanen er det de InterCity, der kun kører til/fra Odense/Fredericia og tog til/fra Sønderborg.

Der er elevator både på Korsør og Nyborg station. Pladserne til specialcykler og cykelanhængere er altid i samme ende af toget: På Korsør station skal du placere dig lige i nærheden af elevatortårnet og på Nyborg station i perronafsnit C.

For at få transporteret en cykelanhænger eller specialcykel over Storebælt skal du købe en særlig pladsbillet, hvor transporten for cyklen Korsør-Nyborg eller omvendt er inkluderet i prisen.

Special cycles and cycle trailers over the Storebælt.

Special cycles of 80cm width max and 190cm length max can be carried over the Storebælt in Intercity trains which consist of IR4 rolling stock . These trains can be caught at Fredericia on Jutland, Odense on Fyn and Sønderborg on Sjaelland

On the local service across the big bridge special cycles appear to be carried between Korsør and Nyborg stations. Each of which has an elevator up to the platform. The compartment on the train where the special cycles are carried is always found at the same location [luxury!!!] At Korsør station, wait beside the elevator doorway [literally 'tower']. At Nyborg station wait in platform area 'C'. You'll need to get a special-cycle over the Storebælt ticket or check that it's included in the price.

If this all seems like too much then why not book a place on the Wednesday coach trip to Copenhagen ?

God tur! / Happy cycling

David Holman

Danish Railways

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