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Marathon Mistery

Posted By: paul eden
Date: 9 August 2008

Having punctured the rear Panaracer Pasela tyre twice on an evil cattle grid whilst out on the tandem ride at the recent York Rally I purchased a pair of 700x28 Marathons from same in the afternoon.Have not used these tyres on the tandem before but thought I would give them a try as they seem to be a favorite on this site,and got the a pair for 25quid.Fitted them in the caravan on the Sunday whilst the storm was blowing outside and unsafe to venture out on the tandem.

So they had not done a great milage by this week when taking our first midweek ride since the stoker retired a week ago,she shouted "There,s somthing catching the back wheel".With this there was a pop of air like you get with bursting bubble wrap.With that the catching stopped only for a few seconds later for another catching followed by another pop.

We stopped and the tyre was still inflated so I removed the wheel to inspect.There were what looked like two cuts in the tread just above the sidewall about 1 1/2" apart with two or three more bits of the raised tread more raised than the rest.The tyre was still hard(I inflated to about 110psi before we set off)so I let it down and took it off the rim to inspect inside.

No sign of damage to the carcase behind the damaged tread ! so I proceeded to fit the the spare folder only to find the innertube was punctured by a thorn but on the opposite side of the wheel.Put a new tube in and got home o/k.

The only conclusion I can come up with is,the tyre had no other holes or cuts to let the air out that was escaping from the puncture.Hawthorns as most cyclist with know make a very good plug and tyres can stay inflated for some time.The escaping air must have found a weak spot through the casing and inflated little parts of the tread.

Has anyone else come across anything similar,I have not In over 50 years of solo and 37 years tandem riding.

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