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Desperate Plea- Tandem Required for Charity Box *LINK*

Posted By: Annie Swarbrick
Date: 7 April 2008

We are Greystoke Cycle Cafe Tea Garden on the c2c route near Penrith Cumbria (The Lake District) …tandems often pop in – its always nice to see them !! ..infact there are 2 on our main home page picture !

We always provide free juice for the cyclists drinks bottles and suggest those who wish to to make a donation to CF.

A local 18 year old at Keswick School is making, in his DT A level project, a very ambitious moving parts new charity collection box for Cystic Fibrosis out of bike parts …it’s looking very promising as it nears completion …but is bigger than we anticipated and in order to be able to transport it in and out of the garden at the start and end of the day we will now need a tandem of some description on which to mount the ‘charity box’.

Do you think there are any owners out there of old tandem bikes who would be glad to know their donated beloved tandem will be going to a special purpose - we wont be selling it on or dismantling it …just using it to mount the charity box on as its so big it cant be transported by hand – (and otherwise the local youth may be tempted to ‘help themselves’ to the contents if its left outside )

Obviously ideally it would be nice if one was donated- but realistically I know tandems hold their value well esp with parts....and I expect carriage will be costly ... so we have aside a small budget if necessary to make sure that this project works ...that cystic fibrosis benefits and we have a charity box that people will use and admire.

Our website is in the throes of being updated but should be in the next few weeks.
I do hope someone can help possibly ? Looking forward to hearing someone.

Greystoke Cycle Cafe

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