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Taken the Plunge - KHS All good so far

Posted By: Steve Murray
Date: 18 February 2008

Well, my wife and I had our Inaugural ride yesterday (Sunday) after we got our KHS Sport from JD Cycles.

Firstly, hats off to JD, who had the biked nicely prepped and ready to roll, once I'd straightened the bars and attached the pedals.

We first rode the bike home from my wifes work, as this was the closest place we could take delivery of such a large box while I was out on business. It was quite amusing putting it together in the back of a warehouse and riding straight out of the warehouse doors for the very first ride.

To be fair, we'd tried a tandem a couple of years back in a park for a couple of hours, so we weren't too nervous. Thankfully though, the ride was only a mile or so.

Anyway - Sunday, we prepared for our proper ride - new top and trousers for the missus (got to look the part, right?) and with our SPD shoes on we headed out along the redways of Milton Keynes.

The KHS Sport handled fine and felt pretty smooth - I was a bit nervous of the stokers bars sticking out more than I expected as I rounded occasional bollards - but apart from a couple of times where I thought the turn was too tight for my level of confidence, and we negotiated a turn at the end of a walk bridge only 3 ft wide, we managed to ride for a good couple of hours without dismounting.

Most of the time we were clipped in - I just clipped out earlier than I would have done when riding on my own - when it's also only my pride hurt if I fall on my side while stationary. I'm sure I'd also suffer a "Stoker Slap" if that happened with my wife on the back...

I've now decided though, that the redways of Milton Keynes are not great for a 'proper' ride - Just too many small roads to cross, silly bends and actually more hills than the road network (as it goes under the main roads, instead of across).

But - for a first ride, as a training run, it's probably pretty spot on, in terms of learning how to stop and start on different terrain and how to negotiate tight turns without freaking out your stoker.

We even seemed to get to grips with the standing hill climb, but I'm not sure it actually felt any better - but we got to the top of all hills Ok.

The downside of the route we took, was as we rounded Willen Lakes, we had to negotiate far too many ambling walkers, or suicidal wobbly toddlers on kids bikes.

The KHS was good though - brakes seemed fine with V-Brakes front and rear - The size was just right for my Stoker (5'0) and I (5'7) - The weight could be a little less, but we're in it for fun, not for racing - and with the very low gears that could be used, I think it's definately OK for a started bike.

My only issue was we were getting a bit of bouncing, when we were trying to get a good cadence up, along straights. It could be my stoker, or me, or a bit of both - or it could be the tyres could do with being a little harder - I'd be keen to hear anyones ideas on this.

Anyway, hopefully the weather next weekend will be as glorious as last weekend and we'll now hit the small country lanes west of Milton Keynes and head for another ride.


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