Tandem Club Rides Database

As a club we have many organised rides including national and international large events as well as local regional group rides. Quite a few of these have been made available to members using route sheets and more recently GPX files for sat navs.
This is a database of all of these rides allowing you to view and download GPX files and route sheets where available.
We are slowly adding all of our rides to this database. If any member is willing to help that would be great !
Note that any member can add rides and RO's/Ride leaders for region groups can add rides to make it easy for members to access them. You can add rides using the "Add Ride" link. You must have a website login account to do this.

This system allows TC members to add rides in the form of GPX files and/or PDF route sheets and allows members to view the rides.
You need a TC website login account to access the rides database system.

It is a prototype system at the moment.

To View a Ride

There is a "Select the Rides" entry form at the top of the rides main page that is used to search for rides matching the criteria entered. By default the selection shows the rides for the users main regional group in order of quality followed by most recently added first.

To search for other rides enter the appropriate search criteria and click on the green "Search" button. The list of selected rides will appear below.

The group will select a particular regions group, a major TC event, or some other special groups such as "Touring" or "rides" for general rides.
The MapReference entry should be a GPS latitude,longitude number pair.
The Postcode should be the first 2, 3 or 4 characters of the postcode. The system will look for any ride with 69 miles of the location given.

You can now click on the rides picture to view the complete ride details and download the GPX and route sheets if available. Only members can view rides.
The route is shown on an OpenCyclesMap by default. The "A" button selects an aerial view and the "G" uses a Google map. You can interact with this map by long or double clicking on it. Once done you can pan the map with the mouse/finger and zoom in and out (buttons, mouse wheel or finger pinch).
You can show the map in full-screen mode using the full screen button at the top right of the map.

The "P" button pops up a place category selector. This allows you to select the various place categories shown on the map.

There is also a notes entry box at the bottom of the page where any user can add notes to this ride.

To Add a Ride

Use the "Add Ride" link to add a new ride to the system. This will present a form to add information on the ride. Most fields are optional.
  • Enabled: Enable this ride. If this is unchecked the ride won't be visible to anyone apart from admin people on the EditRides page.
  • Published: If this is unchecked only admin people and the author of the ride will be able to see this ride. useful when adding and editing a ride before it is completed.
  • Personal: This is a personal ride for the author only. Currently everyone can see these rides, but they can be selected as a list of rides for the logged in user.
  • PrivateToGroup: If checked this ride will only be seen by admin people and those who have the group of the ride in their groups of interest. This is used to hide rides for a particular event to those actually going to the event.
  • Title: A title for the ride. If not set will  be filled in from the name inside a GPX file.
  • Group: The group for the ride. This could be a regional group,  a TC event, or a special linked to say the What's On events.
  • Category: Not used yet
  • Location: Optional general locating text. Could be a postcode or some general text like "Bristol" or "The peak district" etc.
  • Postcode: Optional postcode allowing easy searches.
  • Longitude: The GPS map longitude reference. Filled in by a GPX file if one is uploaded.
  • Latitude: The GPS map latitude reference. Filled in by a GPX file if one is uploaded.
  • Route: The GPX file to upload to the system. It is possible to upload multiple GPX files at a time. A ride entry will be created for each one with the rides information set the same.
  • RoueSheet: The route sheet in PDF format to upload to the system
  • RouteLeaflet: A PDF file giving a description of the route, like some tourist office style information.
  • Picture[0-5]: Up to 6 pictures for the list ride with picture0 showing as the main picture in the list of rides
  • PictureMap: A picture for the map of the ride which is used in Tour lists of rides or as the picture Icon when a list of rides is presented if there are no other pictures.
  • Showcase Id: This links to a showcase of pictures for the ride. The numeric ID of the showcase needs to be entered, Note that of the ride is in an event group (like tcn2022), then any showcases with the same group will be shown automatically.
  • Description: The description of the ride.
  • Date: The date the ride happened
Once the form info has been added click on the "Save" button.

To Edit a Ride

View the ride to be edited and use the large green "Edit" button at the bottom of the page. Alternatively there is a (E) link on the rides title in lists of rides. Only the rides owner or admin people can edit a ride.

Adding Extra Pictures

As well as the 6 pictures that can be added to a ride, it is possible to link a showcase of pictures to the ride. There are two ways to do this.

  1. If the ride is for a major TC event the ride would normally have its group set to the name of the event such as tcn2022. Any showcase that has the same group will be listed on the ride when viewed and the user can click on these to go to the showcase of pictures.
  2. A specific showcase of pictures can be created in the showcase system. If the rides's "Showcase Id" field is set to the numeric ID of that showcase it will be listed on the ride when viewed and the user can click on these to go to the showcase of pictures.

Places of Interest

One of the unique features of the rides system is the ability to add places of interest to a places database. Once a place of interest is added to the system an icon for that place is shown on any map of the area, so on all current and future rides added to the system.

Places of interest can be easily added to the system by pressing the Shift key while clicking with the left mouse button at the maps location of the place when you are viewing any map on the system such as viewing a ride. When you do this a simple form pops up with the maps GPS reference filled in. All you need to do is enter a suitable title and set the category of the place and then save this. However there are other fields that can be filled in to provide more information. This includes a description, a picture, a WEB URL, and a telephone number etc. Also when a place is viewed any user can add notes to the place such as if it has changed hands or closed down for now etc.

The categories cover a wide range of place types and the "P" button on the map allows the user to select those that are shown on a map. This allows, for example, the user to select all of the castles or perhaps children's activities along a ride.


The Tours system add the ability to group a set of rides into a single tour with web pages, news and other items associated with it. It is a new system that has not been fully completed yet.
A touch can be added with the "TourAdd" left hand menu function. The core items to set are the title and the list of rides. The Rides List is a comma separate list of ride ID's. Once added the "TourList" function will list all tours and provide a simple automatically generated view of the tour listing the individual rides.
The Tour has a "index.html" file that can be edited to add text and pictures etc. Also extra pages, documents and directories can be added to the tour information. Users can view and add news items to the tour.

To edit the Tour information, view the tour and use the "TourEditPages" left hand menu function. You can now edit the set of pages like any other content on the website. The main function to use is the "Edit this page" left hand menu item.
Within the page three special scripts can be used (Use Source editing to view and edit):
<websys>tourRidesList(9)</websys> Display a list of rides for the Tour ID given
<websys>tourRide(22,33)</websys> Display an individual ride passing the ride id and a number to include at the start of the title
<websys>itemListAdd(200,tours,9)</websys> Display the news for the tour with given ID

If the ride has a map picture added this will be shown to the right of the description.


This is an initial prototype system. We hope to add better ways of search for rides including a clickable map for ride searches.
We also hope to add features of interest such as cafes, playgrounds, tourist sites etc. But we have limited time so don't hold your breath!
If there are any features you would like to see please contact webgroup@tandem-club.org.uk.