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Tandem Club Regalia items

are obtained from: -

Ian Fulcher

5 Woolley Road


Bristol, BS14 8SR

Telephone: 01275 831992


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Socks: Top quality sock, made by DeFeet with tandem design. In small medium sizes. £5.00 pair
Cap: Blue cap with yellow band across the top - front to back. Tandem Club written on each side. £6.00
Metal Badge: These are 25mm (1) metal brooch badges with a pin fixing for lapel or jumper. £2.25
Plastic Decal: These are 50mm (2) diameter plastic badges with adhesive backing. Suitable for attaching to tandem frame. £0.60each
Cloth Badge: These 87mm (3.5) circular badges are ideal for sewing or glueing to panniers, bags and clothing. £3.00
Circular Car Sticker: These 87mm (3.5) circular badges are intended for attaching to the inside of car windscreens. £0.50
Long Car Sticker: Show your support for the Tandem Club with these attractive blue and yellow stickers.

Dimensions: 421mm x 55mm (16.5 x 2.25)
Pennant: The pennant is stiffened and is ideal for the backs of buggies and recumbents.

Dimensions: 230mm x 145mm (9.25 x 5.5)
Handbook Cover: This is a durable pocket size ring binder, which will allow easy updating of the useful information, rules, list of available spares etc. contained in the loose-leaf format of the handbook.

Dimensions: 120mm x 158mm (4.75 x 6.25)
Journal Binder: These neat dark blue binders hold at least 2 years' journals. Issues can be readily inserted and removed.

Dimensions: 180mm x 223mm (7 x 8.75)
800ml Water Bottle: with club logo.

Cartoon Book by Johnny Helms: Containing 55 pages of tandem related cartoons. £0.50
Envelope Re-use Labels: Packs of 100 advertising the Tandem Club.

Dimensions: 150mm x 107mm (6 x 4.25)
Rally Badge Holder: In TC club colours. £1.25
Key Ring: Matches the Badge Holder. £1.50
Spoke Nipple Key: 13g workshop nipple key. £0.50

Prices include 2nd class postage in the UK.

For more information please contact Regalia Sales at the Club Shop.

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Brake Relining Service

We get frequent requests for relining of tandem drum brakes and have found that

Custom Brakes Hydraulics provide a good service.

Custom Brakes Hydraulics

Tandem Club Technical Spares Service

Ian Fulcher

5 Woolley Road


Bristol, BS14 8SR.

Telephone: 01275831992

  • Brampton type replacement headsets and races.
  • Bottom bracket sleeves to convert oversize bottom brackets to solo specification.

    Tandems that were manufactured up to the late 1950s were all fitted with specially produced over sized components to cope with the extra weight and force two people could apply. These oversize components were not compatible with any solo parts. As people started to purchase these older machines second hand, such as Claud Butler and Sun, they wanted to ride them somewhat seriously but found that the gearing was totally inadequate.

    So they set about trying to fit modern solo equipment but came up against the oversize problem. At this point the Tandem Club looked at the problem and decided that the answer would be to reduce the rear bottom bracket to solo spec using sleeves and at the same time offer an alloy eccentric with solo threading to replace the very heavy steel one.

    By fitting these two items the choice of cotterless transmission and multi-gearing became available enabling cyclists to use an older frame with modern equipement.
  • Rod Brake Mechanisms.
Brampton style Head Clamp Brampton style Head Clamp. £28.65
Upper Race(2), Lower lug Race, Crown Race UpperRace(2), LowerlugRace, CrownRace. £7.00 each
Replacement Haden Type Alloy Eccentrics can be ordered from Ceeway Bike Building Supplies.
Further details from
Tel. 01322 442 990
Pair of Bottom Bracket Sleeves Pair of Bottom Bracket Sleeves. £14.85
Further items: -
Item No. Price
103 Replacement fork column £18.85
104 Head locking nut £10.50
105 1/8th Spacer £2.95
106 Head clamp £28.65 -shownabove
107 Upper race £7.00 -shownabove
108 Lower lug race £7.00 -shownabove
109 Crown Race £7.00 -shownabove
113 Column liner £5.50
201 Replacement Alloy Eccentric
202 Bottom bracket sleeves £14.85 -shownabove
210 Cottered bottom bracket axle (rear 5x) £5.50
211 Cottered bottom bracket axle (rear 10x) £5.50
304 Hub brake clip £4.85
309 Tandem Derailleur Gear Wire, extra long 3050mm 5.00

Rod Brake Parts
402 Sleeve £5.95
403 Rod cable connector £2.95
404 Threaded cable nipple £2.20
405 Return spring £2.00
406 Screwed cable adjuster £2.00
408 Rod actuating lug £5.00
410 Brake arm lug £5.00
411 Rod clamping/adjusting nuts (pair) £5.00

502 Grease nipples threaded metric 6mm (each) 1.00
503 Grease nipples threaded 2BA (pack of five) £2.50
504 Grease nipples threaded ¼ BSF (each) £1.00
505 Cable end caps (pack of 25) £1.50

Prices include 2nd class postage in the UK.

For more information please contact the Technical Sales Officer.

The new design Tandem Club Cycling Clothing is now available from Imp Sports - Your Club Shop.
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