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Matching attire
Matching attire


For Sale Module


You can place adverts for items using the For Sale system. To do this you must have a website login. As a Tandem Club member if you don't have a website login one will be setup for you next time you renew. If you don't have a login or you are not a club member please apply for a login.
To add an advert please use the Add For Sale Item link in the left hand menu. You should add a short title, an approximate price in pounds stirling (just the number) and a description. You can also add a picture using the "Browse" button on the Picture field if wanted. This will allow you to upload a picture from your computer, phone, tablet etc. Click on the Save button when finished and you will then be presented with a payment page stating the price and giving a link to go to our credit/debit card payment page.


All items under £100 are free to advertise. A reasonable charge for postage can be made.
Items above £100 are charged at £8 for members and £16 for non members.
Your advert will remain on our website for 2 months.

Editing and Deletion

You can edit your advert at any time using the "Edit" button at the bottom of the advert. The "Renew" button allows you to extend the time of your advert by 2 months. The "Delete" button allows you to delete the item once sold.


Anyone with a website account can get emails sent to them whenever a new advert is placed. Set the checkbox "forsaleEmails" in your user preferences to do this.


The For Sale module is designed to support adverts placed my members and non members. It allows the advert to be paid for using a credit or debit card.
Administrators can edit the information using the left hand menu's command links. The role adminForSale allows this.
Emails are sent to all those configured in the "Administration email addresses" list on each advert placed.
The Clean link cleans old adverts (greater than a year old) from the system.