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Tandem 2018


Subscription Details

Full membership is available on an annual basis or on a commuted one for five years.

Joint Membership is available to anyone who rides regularly with a Full Member; at least one applicant must take out Full Membership. The first Joint Member is enrolled free. Family membership, which is also free, is open to all dependants of the Full Member aged 17 or under residing at the same address. There is a nominal charge for other Joint Members.

Joint Members are entitled to all the benefits of the Club, except a copy of the Journal.

Journals are automatically sent by Airmail to members in all countries outside of the UK. There is no additional charge for this.

The current rates of subscription are:



1 year


5 years

Full Member




First Joint Member and 'Family' Members (see above)



Other Joint Members





The Club can accept payment using NOCHEX, an independent processor of online card payments. This allows a credit or debit card, issued by a UK bank or building society, to be used to pay your subscription provided you can supply a valid email address - you are not charged for using this facility.

** Note: NOCHEX credit card payments are currently not working for membership payments. ***

Cheques can be accepted in any currency. However there is a charge for any cheques not written in Sterling or Euros. You can also make a payment direct into one of the Club's Sterling and Euro bank accounts.

Further details of these payment methods are given when you apply online to join the Club (or to renew your membership). To join the Club please complete the Application Form and follow the instructions there. There is also a Renewal Form where you can renew your membership if you are paying by NOCHEX or making a direct payment into one of the Club's accounts; please always complete that form if you are using one of these two methods of payment so that we know to expect it.

(Existing members who wish to add Family Members or make other changes to their details and are not yet at their renewal date, or are not completing the online renewal form, should contact the Renewals Secretary .)