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Funny bike evening
Funny bike evening


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Warning Message

Unsolicited eMails purporting to come from the Tandem Club

bogus emails

It has come to our notice that bogus emails are being sent that purport to come from the Tandem Club. These will usually have a sender's email address of '' where the 'someone' takes many different forms; in almost all cases the 'someone' is not a person recognised by the Club. Other emails purport to come from ''. Some of the emails have not been able to be delivered for various reasons and have been bounced into the default Tandem Club mailbox.


In many cases these emails contain an attachment. IN NO CIRCUMSTANCE OPEN THE ATTACHMENT as the ones that we have examined appear to contain a virus. The Tandem Club would never send you an email with an attachment unless you had specifically asked for one. We are trying to trace where these emails have come from. We have a sufficient number of these to help in this so we do not need you to send any bogus emails that are delivered to you.

email addresses that appear on the TC web-site are safe

We can confirm that any email addresses that appear on the Club and Regional Officers pages are now shown in such a way that they will not be picked up by any robot trawling the Internet looking for addresses to use for spam purposes. In the case of the Club's Discussion, For Sale and Wanted Boards the actual email addresses are not shown in the postings, and any email sent to a contributor uses a form rather than the sender's normal mail program, so that these too cannot be harvested.

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