Application for a For Sale Advertisement

If you would like to add an advertisement to the Club's For Sale Board please complete the Application Form below and click on the Proceed button. There is a charge for these advertisements - 20p per word for members of the Tandem Club and 40p per word for non-members. A copy of your Application Form will be sent electronically to the person dealing with these applications, from whom you will receive instructions on where to send the amount due. Once this payment is received the advertisement will be posted and will appear on the Board for 2 months, being removed after that time unless renewed.

A picture can accompany the advert and this will be shown automatically beneath the text of the advert. The index of the current adverts will indicate which have a picture attached by showing *PIC* after the advert's heading.

Preferably pictures to be added should be sent by email to in which case the picture should be in either JPEG or GIF format. The extra cost if a picture is to be included is 3 - this will be included in the amount shown.

Please include an email address if you would like replies sent to you by email and/or your phone number if you wish to be contacted by phone. You should indicate the region in the UK where the goods are available for inspection.

Please note that, despite a cost appearing in the form below, advertisements where the sale price is under 100 are free - just send the completed form and ignore the request for money in the acknowledgement.

Please note that your advertisement will not be added to the For Sale Board until the amount due has been received and that PAYMENTS ARE TO BE MADE BY DIRECT BANK TRANSFER.

[The Club's bi-monthly Journal also publishes For Sale advertisements from members and non-members. The charges for these are half of those for the Club's Web site - details appear in the Journal. If you are a non-member and wish any information about this please contact

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